VIdya Europe SAS is an affiliate of Vidya Herbs Group a pioneering transnational natural extracts company, specializing in development and manufacture of high quality, standardized plant extracts using state-of-the-art extraction facilities employing efficient and environment friendly technology. With local presence in all major regions of the world, Vidya Herbs’ extensive range of products are available at highly competitive prices for a range of industries and end uses. The products are guaranteed and backed by strict quality control, stringent standards of operations and exclusive sourcing of raw-materials.

Vidya Herbs, with over 10 years of market presence has evolved into a leader in unique and specific segments of the nutraceutical sourcing sector. This leadership position is augmented by a commendable growth in expertise and exploration of newer high value products backed by clinical evidence of efficacy of its products through trials.

In many ways, Vidya Herbs are revolutionising the botanical extracts industry. Vidya Herbs is spearheading and evolving newer, better and more efficient, effective ways of isolating phyto-actives while preserving their essential properties, using highly refined technologies and proven, superior methodologies. Vidya Herbs have achieved key breakthroughs in reducing dependence on solvents by minimising their usage, eliminating residues and integration of supercritical CO2 solvent less extraction technologies into the workflow.



Vidya Herbs was founded by a pioneering chemist, Mr. Shyam Prasad K, on sound principles of quality and second to none concepts. Since its inception in the year 2000, Vidya Herbs has grown in leaps and bounds and today the group has got Production units, warehouse and offices around the globe.

Our company established its position in the field of manufacture and supply of herbal extracts, Besides manufacturing herbal extracts, we give top priority towards safety,traceability, efficacy and innovation.

By continuously working towards satisfaction of our customers in terms of quality of our products, our ultimate goal is to bring smile and happiness of the people who use our products by improving their quality of life naturally.
We take full responsibility and commitment to take positive and concrete steps to enhance our efficiency and capacity from our customer feedbacks and everytime actively participating to work with the customers.
We are very grateful to our customers all the time”

K.shyam Prasad, Founder & President

Vidya Herbs has commissioned a large research and development facility devoted to study into and development of newer extraction techniques, herbal sources, resultant actives and molecules and clinical validation of their potential usages.

Headquarted in India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore, Vidya Herbs has wholly owned subsidiaries and local presence in the United States, European Union and Japan.


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Vidya Europe SAS  is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of plant extracts Natural Carotenoids, Spice Extracts, Spice Oleoresines , Green coffee beans, wine from Loire Region France and Organic Extracts. Backed by the parent company Vidya Herbs Pvt Ltd India which has got more than a decade of experience in manufacturing extracts, Company’s experienced team of R&D constantly provides Vidya with innovative solutions and support for today’s health and nutrition related markets.

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Plant Extracts

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Natural Beta-Carotene

Green Coffee Beans

Vi-Active Extracts

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